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New Prebiotic Products Coming Soon

Here at Uplift Food we aim to exceed expectations and bring to life prebiotic products that have not even been dreamt of yet!

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But whilst you're here...Do you want a sneak peak into some of the exciting prebiotic products that we have in store?

Take a look below at just a handful of some of the innovations we have been working on behind the scenes for you, that we hope to share with you all very soon!


Daily Uplifter - Vanilla Cappuccino Protein

Want your Daily Uplifter prebiotic hit with a touch of delicious coffee flavour? We don't blame you! This new flavour tastes as good as it sounds to all you coffee loving souls! 

Proudly offering exactly the same nutritional profile as our signature Daily Uplifter  - Vanilla Protein variant, this new flavour, in a handy 7 day serve pouch, will definitely be your new morning best friend for both your taste buds, and your gut bugs!

best prebiotic supplement fiber resistant starch uplift food daily uplifter


Daily Uplifter - Vanilla and Natural Flavours

Want your daily dose of prebiotic goodness without the added protein? We've heard the requests, and we are listening! 

Proudly offering you exactly the same gut healthy nutrients and mood supportive vitamins as our signature Daily Uplifter - Vanilla Protein, this weekly pouch, with simple 12g serves, will allow you to easily sprinkle your Daily Uplifter over your preferred cereal or straight through your favourite smoothie.

Coming in both a vanilla, and a natural variant, we have ensured that those of you who prefer a more mild and neutral savoury product without any of the vanilla or stevia sweetness, will be catered for here. 

best prebiotic supplement fiber resistant starch uplift food daily uplifter


Prebiotic Snack Bites

You want the nutrients from our Daily Uplifter, but you also want snack products that you can grab on the go? We hear you!

Our raw peanut and vanilla plant based prebiotic bites pack a satisfying and gut healthy punch!

Boasting 1B CFU of effective probiotics, prebiotic fibres and resistant starches, over 10% of the RDI of Vitamin D, as well as being a source of protein, nourishing fats and less than 1 teaspoon of sugar per serve - these delicious little gluten free bites will be the envy of all those around you!

Prebiotic Bites Uplift Food Probiotic Bliss Ball Australia Gut Health Fibre

Prebiotic Bites - Uplift Food Probiotic Bliss Ball Snack Product Australia Gut Health


There's more...but we think that gives you a little insider knowledge to begin :)


Are you a dreamer too and have product ideas that you think fit within our message that you would like us to work on developing? 

Get in touch in the section below, we honestly can't wait to hear from you!

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Uplift Food - Daily Uplifter (Protein)- Vanilla

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